This is our hybrid approach, which allows us to build without being bound by the limitations of a particular construction material or methodology, geography, or technology. Nomodic offers end-to-end living, working, hospitality, commercial, or institutional space solutions. Let us take your project from concept to completion or choose an à la carte solution.

Modular Fabrication process

Unparalleled Access and Flexibility

Our innovative model gives us access to an extensive network of fabricators and suppliers that expands our capacity, connects skilled labour and opens up geographic locations. A process that gives us the ultimate flexibility in choosing the best and most efficient methods to achieve goals, budgets and visions.

Superior Precision & Quality Control

Working within a comfortable and controlled indoor environment puts our entire focus on high-quality workmanship and efficiency, leading to the best overall results and an improvement on the quality control process.

Add to this advanced worker safety controls, reduced equipment and material damage, the benefits of automation, and measurable improvements in sustainability, and you get big changes in efficiency and productivity with a nod to the environment.

Team working on project coordination

Cost and Schedule Certainty

Our process puts more weight on design and planning so that there are less change orders, positively influencing project certainty. Building in a controlled environment eliminates the chance of schedule delays or damage due to weather, minimizing the risks associated with the overall cost and timeline of your project. External risks are limited to those that are manageable, and overhead is minimized for cost savings over conventional construction processes.

Faster Occupancy

Nomodic’s hybrid approach, along with our ability to prepare the site simultaneously alongside the build process, enables us to complete your build 45% faster on average than conventional construction processes and bring opening dates 30% - 50% sooner. This greatly reduces carrying costs of construction and mitigates the risks of market swings, not to mention first-year profitability of revenue-dependent builds.

Ribbon cutting on project completion

Transparent and Client-First

The best decisions for your project are made when all of the information is available and when the stakeholders and the professional team work collaboratively. We prioritize full transparency and accountability throughout the process, from design to install, including our partner selection process.

Less Disruption to the Community

Community engagement and managing the external stresses to others in the area ensures the immediate and long-term success of a build. Less time spent onsite leads to reduced road/sidewalk closures, less construction noise, and minimizes vehicle and equipment traffic.

Aerial Construction photo
Nomodic Team

Superior Worker Safety

Nomodic's industry-leading culture of safety starts with our Behavior-Based Observation Program. It empowers employees, customers, and contractors to display the courage to care and make safety-conscious decisions. This program helps Nomodic to improve an already impressive track record in the construction industry.

Minimized Environmental Impact

Construction waste is estimated at 25–30% of landfill waste in developed countries. Our process can reduce construction waste by 50%. Factory-built construction leads to much less time spent onsite, resulting in a cleaner site and less impact on the environment.