Multifamily, Affordable & Seniors Housing

Affordable Housing is a crucial contribution to the health and forward momentum of our communities. Nomodic’s modern affordable housing spaces offer the same quality and craftsmanship expected in market-rate housing. Our flexible end-to-end process allows for spaces that fit within strict funding budgets and that result in less community disruption. The added benefit is a significantly faster speed of occupancy over traditional construction. Nomodic’s affordable housing solutions include supportive, senior, and student housing to support current and future generations that need it most. We're proud to have helped multiple communities through CMHC's Rapid Housing Initiative and BC Housing's Rapid Response to Homelessness.

A Webinar presented by Nomodic

The Advantages of Modular Construction in Canadian Housing Solutions


Canada is in the middle of a housing shortage. Modular construction can provide fast, innovative and efficient solutions to meet the demand.

Held on June 10, 2021, this webinar focused on:

  • The current supportive housing needs across Canada
  • The challenges facing construction and real estate development