Unrestricted Fabrication: What Does It Mean for You?

Blog | January 9, 2020

The success of your construction project is based on countless individual requirements. Challenging site conditions, remote locations, environmental remediation, and access to skilled labour are just some of the factors that can affect your project’s profitability.

In the past, you may have found yourself making compromises to get your build completed faster or within budget. You may have had to use a different building material, leading to a different aesthetic than what you originally envisioned. You may have been limited by the capacity constraints, capabilities, or location of your chosen fabricator, forcing you to settle for less than what you had set out to build.

What if instead, you could work with the largest fabrication network in Canada, providing you with a curated combination of the materials and methods you need to build your project faster, within budget, and based on your exact requirements?

With Nomodic, you can. Your project’s flexible and integrated manufacturing process is based on your needs, not ours.

Your project requirements influence our manufacturing process, providing cost assurance and predictable return metrics.


This process gives you unrestricted access to a choice of quality materials, technology, and expertise, using methods such as:

Modular Construction

Your project is constructed offsite in repeated sections known as modules, then delivered and installed at your desired site, providing a consistent, high-quality build.

Prefabricated Construction

Your project is manufactured with factory-made components that are transported and assembled onsite, avoiding schedule delays caused by things such as weather or subpar safety standards.

Flat-Pack Construction

Your project arrives in pieces packed into a flat box, and are then assembled at the site, reducing transportation costs.

Site-Built Construction

Your project is built primarily at the site location. Although we don’t often site-build entire projects, this option is beneficial when creating and installing handcrafted elements.

Hybrid Construction

Your project leverages a customized combination of the above construction methods, allowing for the most streamlined and cost-effective solution for your unique project.

Despite your unrestricted access to the methods above, you’ll never be limited by a single material or approach. By being part of this fabrication network, you’re able to combine materials onsite that bring every element of your project to life.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are always growing our network of fabrication partners and expanding our knowledge of what’s possible. We know that the stronger our network is, the better we can execute your project with time and cost certainty.

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