The Nomodic Difference


We are visionaries, facilitators, and builders, with a singular focus: to create something we can all be proud of. We believe the way to live is to create positive change, build legacies, and to leave things better than how we found them.


We see challenges as opportunities in disguise – they fuel curiosity and ignite innovation. There are no compromises or self-imposed limitations; your vision should be limitless, where every project is a blank canvas with infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered.


Our design-build, hybrid construction process unlocks the potential for any site and provides the flexibility necessary to find innovative and creative solutions to deliver our clients’ unique visions.

The final product was beyond our expectation and above industry standard. The reason that Canbriam will preferentially continue to use Nomodic is based on their commitment to go above and beyond industry standards and produce high quality camp accommodations at very reasonable pricing.
— Dave Knight, Manager Facilities Projects, Canbriam Energy Inc.