The Future is Eco-Friendly: How Modular Construction is Creating a Greener Building Industry Through Innovation

Blog | May 23, 2021

Kermit the Frog famously sang, “It’s not easy being green.”

While he was referring to the colour of his skin (or felt perhaps), this has been a common lament for the construction industry. But as modular has proven over the years, it’s not that difficult to be green when it comes to eliminating construction waste, curbing onsite pollution, and creating sustainable projects for decades to come. At Nomodic, we’re proud of the impact modular construction has made in creating a greener, more sustainable industry.

Modular Boutique Resort Hotel Craning (Tofino, B.C.)

There are many things to be excited about. According to a study in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, modular construction has fewer impacts than onsite construction in several environmental impact categories. Modular construction is leading the way for a greener future, most notably in the following areas:

  • Optimal construction conditions. Offsite fabrication facilities provide climate-controlled conditions to ensure modules are built with maximum airtightness, which leads to greater energy efficiency for the project as a whole. These controlled environments also prevent exposure to moisture, creating greater thermal performance and supporting a longer building life cycle.
  • Greater operational efficiency. At Nomodic, we’re creating efficiencies before the first power tool is turned on. In our design phase, we devise strategies to reduce waste, minimize costs and improve certainty while the project is still virtual. Because of modular’s focus on the offsite process, we require fewer workers, vehicles and equipment on the installation site, resulting in less overall energy consumption.
  • Reduction of construction waste. Nomodic’s offsite fabrication process already reduces waste going to a landfill by more than 50%. Our network of climate-controlled facilities also prevents material damage due to weather events, while greater production efficiencies allow for less waste.
  • Expanded recycling programs. We ensure that our fabrication partners use recycling bins to ensure materials are sorted and distributed to the proper facilities. Nomodic also provides developers with access to locally sourced, green building materials, including reclaimed wood products and recycled plastics.
  • Decreased community disruption and onsite pollution. Modular significantly reduces the construction footprint when compared to traditional building methods. With upwards of 90% of the construction process occurring offsite, onsite work is limited to site preparation and installation, causing less disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood. Less space is also required on the site for traffic, workers, etc., significantly reducing noise and CO2 emissions. According to research, modular construction can reduce the number of deliveries to worksites by 90%.
  • Transportability. Another contributor towards a more sustainable industry is the portability of modular projects. They can be dismantled and moved to another site without the residual dust and debris associated with a building demolition.

Modular Boutique Resort Hotel (Tofino, B.C.)

Faster, greener, stronger.

Across the globe, developers are learning the eco-advantages that are inherent in the modular construction process. Combined with the fact that modular construction accelerates project timelines by between 25-50%, these advantages are a giant leap forward on the path to creating a more sustainable future. As greener technologies and materials emerge, Nomodic is strategically positioned as an integrator to deliver their advantages to clients and project partners.

It’s not that hard to be green. Maybe it’s time for Kermit to change his tune.


For more on Nomodic’s integrated process and how it helps reduce construction waste, click here.

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