Wherever your next project is in North America, our hybrid construction model will have you confidently taking reservations at your new hotel sooner.

Quicker to build. Quicker to revenue.

Our factory-built construction methods are significantly more efficient than site-built construction, with zero risk of weather-related and other delays. Your site is prepared while the modules are constructed, creating shorter timelines. The result: hotels are built (and occupied) quicker; putting revenue into hotel developers' pockets sooner.

Cost certainty and variables that you can actually control.

Building off-site provides clients with greater cost certainty and higher quality. By eliminating weather-related hiccups and delays on-site, we can provide accurate costs, up-front. Our method enables greater quality control; giving you long-lasting, durable structures that require less maintenance and cost over time.


We fit our approach to your project, not the other way around.

Our hybrid construction model allows us to choose the most appropriate and efficient construction method and materials for your project. We’re not limited to certain module sizes or materials – if your project calls for something completely new or different, we’ll make it happen.

Get back to what you love doing and leave the heavy lifting to us.

We are a one-stop shop. We manage everything from concept to occupancy; permits, design, fabrication, site work and more. Enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact and peace of mind, knowing we're taking care of the details.


A location-flexible approach that benefits your project.

With fabrication partners and suppliers all over North America, we have the ability to provide a competitive bid for each project. This means we can choose the most cost-effective and convenient solution - and pass the savings onto you.

Increase community acceptance, lower costs, and deliver your project months earlier.

Some other benefits of offsite construction include improved worker safety, reduced site waste (lower impact on the environment), less impact on communities (less time on site, less noise, less traffic), and lower labour costs.

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