Solve Your Unique Construction Challenges with Time and Cost Certainty

Blog | November 5, 2019

It starts with a concept: a unique construction challenge that requires a custom solution.

You’re building a project that demands consistency, quality, and efficiency, all brought together to match the look and feel of the community in which you’re building. You need your project to be profitable and meet the exact specifications and design you set out.

That means you can’t afford unexpected schedule delays, fluctuating costs, or sudden changes, and need the flexibility to manage changing conditions that may arise.

The industry is shifting towards a new way of doing things, using offsite methods of construction such as modular fabrication to expedite the construction process. Maybe you’ve tried using modular or other offsite methods before, but have then had to sort through multiple fabricators with a wide variety of designs, styles, budgets, and capacity constraints.

Suddenly, you’ve found yourself acting as a project manager, using offsite fabrication within a challenging site or community, or within an unfamiliar location or landscape. You’re dealing with multiple fabricators, all with competing priorities and cost concerns and an inability to integrate with the design or installation of your project.

What if there was a better way to build?

Through an integrated approach to construction, your project challenges can be solved during the initial design and development, completely driven by your build requirements and any site-specific limitations.

Your project is carefully managed during every stage, and you gain access to an exclusive network of fabricators who receive your design up front, based on your exact budget and time constraints.

You are then provided with a schedule that fully considers your needs, the site conditions, and each fabricator’s capability and capacity, allowing the numerous complex pieces of your project to come together. Nomodic manages the quality control, design, fabrication, installation, and most importantly the integration of these key processes, giving you a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

So, what does this mean for you?

A complete build that meets or exceeds your vision, on time and budget.

The first conversation we have during your construction journey shouldn’t be here is what we will do, it should be how can we help? You deserve a trusted advisor who will take the time to understand your goals, requirements, and vision up front, delivering your project with predictable budgets and timelines that maximize value in every stage.

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