Project Spotlight

Staff Support Lodges – Remote Workforce

Canbriam Energy

Date of Completion
January 2015

Altares, B.C.

Project Details

Project: 68-suite + 10-suite operator lodges, control room, maintenance building
Client: Pacific Canbriam Energy
Date of Completion: January 2015
Location: Altares, B.C.
Size: 21,024 sq.ft.
Project Category: Remote Workforce, Industrial

Scope and Challenges:

Canbriam required buildings to support staff at their operations in Altares B.C., an extremely remote region near Fort St. John. It was important that the solution be more than a bare-bones facility, such as the trailers and shacks that had become typical of their industry. A pre-engineered warehouse was also required as fast as possible to provide a storage area for equipment during the gas plant set-up.


Using our hand-crafted pre-built approach, we supplied buildings quickly and had them shipped from manufacturers in Washington State and Edmonton, Alberta. Our model allowed us to choose the most appropriate partners for each building type. Working with the strict environmental standards, we designed a potable water treatment plant as well as a septic system that can distribute water into the forest to minimize trucking needs.

The warehouse utilized an innovative folding style that allowed for quick set-up, but due to wind and snow load requirements in North East B.C., we had to re-engineer the design to accommodate.

The operator lodge design includes features and amenities that far exceed what is typical in the industry to capture a “home away from home” feeling, and ensures workers feel comfortable. These features include in-room climate control, private bathrooms, a theatre, games room, gym, and a kitchen equipped with commercial appliances.

In the end, the project was completed on time and on budget. In early 2021, an extension to the 34-bed Operator Lodge was completed, doubling the suite count to 68 suites.


Watch the timelapse video: