Nomodic design consultative services include architectural design, and development and building permitting. Our in-house team works with architects and engineers to map out your vision, including civil, electrical, mechanical, structure, landscape, and green building technologies. You get a single point of contact focused on designing the best possible solution.



Nomodic provides complete quality assurance through the building process, including factory and field quality auditing, project execution support, and occupancy permitting. Our seamless, integrated process and indoor factory setting allow module manufacturers to focus on delivering precision craftsmanship at significant time savings, meaning your build is ready for occupancy fast and exceeds expectations.


Nomodic can handle the entire field construction and installation of your build. Common risks associated with the traditional construction process are either mitigated or fully eliminated. Our process adds peace of mind and efficiencies even in the installation stage, with a focus on optimizing execution and coordination to deliver further time savings.

This optimization includes a dedicated team experienced in craftsmanship and pre-built construction assembly, and site preparation simultaneous to the build schedule. Your build is ready to install as soon as the factory work is complete.


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