Build without boundaries.


Nomodic is an industry leader in design-build projects, and one of the most complete and trusted providers of custom hybrid and offsite building solutions.

We believe in building without boundaries, where every project is a blank canvas with infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered. Our unique hybrid approach, which includes modular, prefabricated components, and traditional craftsmanship, makes it possible to efficiently implement a variety of construction methods to find the best possible solution for each project, delivering time savings and peace of mind from concept to completion.

A seamless design-build development process.

Our turnkey, design-build approach provides all phases of delivery construction, from start to finish. No need to worry about multiple vendors and partners: we manage every step of the process, from design to quality control, to create continuity and provide our clients with the very best – every time. 

  • We start by working with you to explore site opportunities and oversee the development and permit application submissions, ensuring all are in line with your proposed budget, scope, and schedule. Nomodic conducts regular meetings with all key stakeholders to develop design and evaluation criteria, review project progress, and provide updates to upcoming milestones.

  • We understand that projects are not built in a vacuum, which is why we work closely with the community and consult them on the overall plan and get their feedback to better align your goals with that of the community.

  • We oversee the development and permit application submissions through to approval, ensuring all are in line with the proposed budget, scope, and schedule. By incorporating any key changes and revisions, we maximize the social, economic, and environmental potential of any given site.

  • Our team manages and oversees throughout the building phase, using a modernized process to help build projects more efficiently, more quickly, and more sustainably than traditional methods of the past.

In the end, we make it possible to implement a variety of construction methods to find the best solution for your unique project, while you get the confidence and peace of mind you deserve, from start to finish.

The Nomodic staff are fantastic ambassadors. At all times they were as passionate and interested in creating a beautiful lasting product as we were. A true delight to work with!
— Cathryn Olmstead, Executive Director, Smithers Community Services Association

Northern lodge bedroom/skylight
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Regardless of the building type or industry we're serving, Nomodic’s unique delivery model and hybrid approach to design and construction provides sustainable and livable buildings that are custom-designed and crafted for both comfort and functionality.

The markets we serve include:

  • Hospitality (custom/boutique lodges, hotels, motels, staff accommodations)

  • Multifamily and mixed use (condos, apartments, seniors & assisted living facilities)

  • Commercial (office complexes, restaurants, retail storefront)

  • Residential (laneway homes, duplexes, 4-plexes, townhouses)

  • Recreational (remote cabins, cottages, park models)

  • Permanent remote workforce (operator camps & lodges, offices, control facilities)

  • Industrial steel buildings (warehouse & storage facilities, maintenance shops)

  • Public & government (social & affordable housing, schools & student housing, evacuation housing, military offices & accommodations)

  • Indigenous infrastructure (single & multifamily housing, educational & medical facilities, elders care facilities, cultural & admin facilities)

  • and much more!

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.