From the CEO: Everything in Its Right Place

Blog | August 18, 2020

There is nothing like seeing a client’s face when they walk through their new space for the first time. Watching them make the connections as they take it all in, grasping how each piece of the modular build fits with the others – it blows their minds to see how it all came together. There are a few ‘aha’ moments that are truly fun to watch and give us an even greater appreciation for our process. We get to witness a similar reaction when a client sees their buildings craned into place. It’s pretty special to see.

These moments all come back to one of Nomodic’s mantras: build with the end in mind. The installation process is the culmination of our integrated workflow, and our clients are involved each step of the way. Their vision is brought to life through our dedicated team of designers, architects, engineers, fabricators, project managers, and installers.

Thanks to our recent acquisition of Aithra Projects, our team is that much stronger and our service offering has been rounded-out and solidified. This new addition has infused a lot of expertise and we’re excited to welcome aboard several talented new team members. With our upgraded mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services, Nomodic has all of the necessary in-house horsepower required to safely and completely dismantle or install a modular project.

We’ve also expanded our ability and capacity to operate across Canada, with an increased focus on Eastern Canada. Huge infrastructure projects happening across the country and each region has its own unique needs and challenges. In a city like Toronto, with its large-scale building and construction cycles, modular is a great solution for residential and commercial projects. Nomodic is well-positioned to provide those solutions in cities with existing infrastructure challenges (like trolley lines) that organizations need to consider early on. With our invigorated team, we remain committed to our purpose and promise of leaving things better.

Weather is another consideration, especially in light of the recent hailstorm in Calgary that caused $1.2 billion in damages. Our offsite construction process helps mitigate several of those risks. Extreme weather can also leave large pools of water on a construction site, but sticking to our process ensures we’re able to adapt. Planning and running the process allows us to be proactive while having the flexibility to react along the way. For our clients, building in a controlled environment significantly reduces the chance of schedule delays or damage and lowers their risks associated with project costs and timeline.

As I often say to our team: Nomodic is a tool as opposed to a product. We’re not just “one thing.” The challenge is never the same, though sometimes we might come across similar situations. It always comes down to a process where we apply our skills and experience to solve clients’ problems. And it ends up working extremely well.

– Kevin Read, Nomodic President and CEO

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