How Modular & Offsite Construction Can Help Fulfill the Need for Indigenous Housing

While Canada has prioritized Indigenous Housing in the 2022 budget, there is a long road ahead to provide adequate housing solutions to communities across the country. 

Despite the challenges, many proven solutions already exist. Modular and offsite construction methods can provide safe, affordable, sustainable, and culturally aware solutions that will last for generations to come. These modern methods of construction also provide opportunities for partnerships with Indigenous businesses and communities, including employment, training, and subcontracting.

Indigenous communities need a greater voice in the future of their housing. In our webinar, held on September 22, 2022, keynote speakers Mark Machin, Heidi Nesbitt and James Broadhead shared their ideas on how communities, governments, and the construction industry are helping to amplify that voice with construction methods and processes that emphasize speed, flexibility, and collaboration between value-sharing stakeholders. 

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