The current COVID-19 public health emergency has greatly impacted the world and is placing an enormous strain on communities who require additional infrastructure to respond.

As one of Canada’s largest specialized Construction Management firms dedicated solely to modular and offsite construction, we are eager to provide assistance by doing what we know best: building spaces for those in need. We have the resources, capacity, and experience to mobilize quickly and respond rapidly to your immediate, near-term, or long-term building needs. 

Tailored Solutions  

With access to the largest modular inventory in Canada and manufacturing capacity North America-wide, we can safely and rapidly deploy emergency support facilities in a variety of ways to suit your specific needs: 

  1. Redeploying Existing Movable Buildings: Procuring, transporting, and constructing existing movable shelters and redeploying them to any location and to suit rapid housing needs. 

  2. Reconfiguring Existing Movable Buildings: Procuring, transporting, and constructing existing movable shelters and reconfiguring the interiors to suit a specific need. 

  3. Factory Build, New Construction: Designing, procuring, and delivering a new building quickly and efficiently while integrating a customized approach. 


Essential Applications

  • Tailored rapid response shelters 

  • Laboratory testing 

  • Mobile Triage Units and Mobile Treatment Centers 

  • ICU pods with separate air flow 

  • Sterile ward products for install in existing medical spaces 

  • Expansion of military treatment facilities 

  • Respite care homes and childcare services 

  • Retirement home quarantining 

  • Homeless shelters and support facilities 

  • Women and family shelters 

  • Incarceration quarantining 

From full project management, to design and engineering, to installation and site servicesNomodic can support any or all of your project phases. With experience in emergency response projects across Canada and the US, including permitting and building code expertise, our team has the ability to seamlessly integrate and ensure your project is delivered quickly and efficiently. 

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with communities and agencies to develop emergency infrastructure to support patients, families, medical staff, and communities who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events. 

If you’re in need of emergency response solutions, contact us today. Our team is ready to help. 

We hope that you, your families, and your staff are safe and well.

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