Create Your Vision with the Ultimate Flexibility

Blog | August 16, 2019

When you’ve made the decision to move forward in building your project, you want to ensure you have access to the best possible materials, expertise, and technologies, no matter where you are located. Building your vision requires the ultimate flexibility, which is something we’ve incorporated into our unique design-build process.


Nomodic’s process gives you the best of both traditional craftmanship and offsite fabrication, allowing for faster timelines and a higher quality build. A significant source of flexibility, offsite fabrication positively influences the consistency of your project, while increasing efficiencies and preventing schedule delays.

At Nomodic, we have taken the concept of flexibility even further by developing an expansive network of fabricators that can craft your vision, regardless of geography. Instead of being bound to a specific fabrication facility’s location, materials, and capacity, your build is aligned with the right fabricator, with the right materials, methodology, and technology, working toward the exact economics and design of your project.

Creating your vision requires access to skilled labour, and we are committed to bringing the right people to the table who can deliver innovative solutions that make your dream a reality. We see value in collaboration, whether it be within our network of skilled fabricators and suppliers, or with your own professional contacts who you’d like to include on the project. Our approach reinvents the way you imagine construction, creating the best possible solutions, delivered on time and on budget.

The levels of flexibility within our process empower us to choose the best and most efficient methods, uniquely suited for your project. To learn more about how Nomodic’s flexible model can create your vision, click here.

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