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From 1000+ person remote workforce camps, to multifamily properties, to commercial buildings and more, our truly independent construction services team serves a variety of industries including commercial, residential, space rental, energy/oil & gas, minerals & metals, forestry, and more.

Our advantages include:

  • Flexible model: we can support any or all project phases

  • Geographic reach: licensed and permitted across Canada, with US support service experience

  • Large supply chain and partner network: providing access to more competitive pricing and better terms

  • Varied expertise: the industry’s most experienced field supervision and execution team

We are a one-stop shop for the safest and most efficient modular construction services Canada-wide, including:


Construction Management

  • Project development/management

  • HSE management

  • Contractor management

  • Project costing/scheduling

  • Site management

Site Development

  • Earthworks

  • Site excavation/grading/paving

  • Permanent utilities

  • Structural foundations

  • Demolitions


Full Turnkey Site and Industrial Services

  • Structural/Electrical/Mechanical

  • Space rental

  • Blast resistant

  • Equipment installation

  • Retrofit/renovation

  • Repair maintenance


  • Coordination and logistics

  • Quality control before and after transport


Site Construction and Installation

  • Craning/setting of modules

  • Architectural/building envelope installation

  • Plumbing

Service and Maintenance

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System

  • Maintenance logs

  • Preventative maintenance schedules and inventory