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Modular C-Store and Retail Space

Type: Modular C-Store and Retail Space
Client: Shell Canada
Date of Completion: December 2019
Location: Calgary, AB
Project Category: Retail & Commercial

Scope and Challenges:

In 2018, Shell partnered with AECOM and came to Nomodic with an interest to modularize an existing retail c-store in Calgary, Alberta, which would act as a pilot project for future c-stores.

Shell and AECOM’s priority was safety, and developing a template that could be applied to open more stores coast to coast. Nomodic was chosen to lead the design and completion of this exciting pilot project.


Nomodic designed a two-module c-store with as little changes to the interior and exterior layout of the existing c-stores as possible. The end result was built in 10 weeks (from start of fabrication to completion) and installed in just 3 hours with less time onsite and less community disruption, all while being implemented onsite in a safer manner than traditional methods. We anticipate that this successful pilot will lead to an additional, national rollout and further optimization of offsite constructibility.