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A national leader in modular and prefabricated construction, Nomodic brings together an expert team of designers, engineers, project managers, fabricators, and construction staff to bring innovative building projects to life.

Nomodic helps define the project, identify and minimize risks, and create schematic designs. Following client sign-off, detailed design and architectural plans are conceived and submitted for the appropriate approvals and permits.
Nomodic accesses its extensive global network to source and procure materials, components, partners and construction methods that best match the demands of your building and site.
As prefabricated components are built in a factory environment, site work and grading begin. Foundations are constructed to best suit the structure and site requirements. Simultaneous offsite construction and onsite development accelerates schedule by up to 50%*.
*Modular Building Institute, 2020 Permanent Modular Construction Report
After modules and components are completed, they are transported to site and craned into place to create the structure. Nomodic executes and coordinates all installation and onsite construction (including module complexing and interconnection execution), and completes the building interior.
Nomodic oversees completion of landscaping, auxiliary buildings and other site work before turning the project over to you and the new occupants. We coordinate operator training and maintenance, and provide top-tier warranty services.
Continuity of integrated
project delivery
Risk Management

Get Connected To Our Building Community

With a focus on alignment, communication and custom-tailored design, we contribute to the shared success of our partners, stakeholders and customers.

Unparalleled Access and Flexibility

We connect clients to our extensive, certified network of qualified fabrication facilities, suppliers, building technology and service partners. Our customers benefit from an expanded selection of building methodologies and material components.

Cost and Time Savings

Time is money. Building in a controlled environment lowers labour costs and eliminates schedule delays due to weather or damage. We deliver time savings and improved budget certainty through innovative solutions that address the inefficiencies of construction.

Integrative Project Management

Nomodic oversees and manages projects from start to finish, providing seamless integration and continuity with stakeholders. Our process is flexible to align with each project’s scope of work, including multiple or individual stages of the design-build-install process.

Superior Quality Control

As an integrator, we don’t manufacture our own projects and are never limited by technology or capacity of one factory. We provide true, independent quality control while opening up fabrication options to find the ideal manufacturing partner.

Faster Occupancy

Building offsite leads to an accelerated schedule and greater efficiency, with buildings being completed up to 50% faster than conventional construction methods. Our repeatable modules also leads to faster occupancy and improved cost certainty.

Improved Precision and Safety

Building in a controlled indoor environment allows for improved quality control and a superior end-product. Nomodic is proud to hold an Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) that recognizes our health and safety management systems and adherence to industry-best safety practices on worksites.

Less Disruption to the Community and Ongoing Operations

Less time spent onsite leads to fewer road/sidewalk closures, less construction noise, minimized vehicle and equipment traffic, and reduced impact on company operations.

Minimized Construction Waste

Compared to conventional site-built construction, our offsite construction methods leads to much less time spent onsite, resulting in a cleaner site and reduced environmental impact.

Our Materials

As an integrator, we partner with world-class manufacturers and suppliers of prefabricated building components and assemblies.

We deliver projects manufactured from various materials, including steel, concrete, wood, innovative next-generation composites, and hybrids of multiple materials as a project requires.


Workable by hand or machine.
Biodegradable. Affordable.


Strong, sturdy, durable.
Easy to shape for design.

Mass Timber

Environmentally friendly.
Cost-effective. Superior insulator
for heating and cooling. Great


Reduced weight. Greater protection against degradation. Increased project life cycle.

3D Printed/Local Materials

Greater cost-effectiveness.
Lower transportation costs.


Maximizes the structural, cost and
ecological benefits of individual

We remain well-positioned for current and future building types and new, innovative materials and look forward to bringing these options forward to our clients and projects in the future.

Build Without Boundaries

Nomodic offers a flexible, integrated construction process that combines the materials, components, partners, and processes that best match the needs of every building project, site, and client.

Group 1009

Preconstruction Services

Design, Engineering, Site Selection, Project Planning, Environmental Analysis, Schematic Massings, Schedule Planning, Permitting, Budgeting, Feasibility, Risk Management, Demolition

Site Work

Site Surveys, Site Clearing, Excavation, Site Utility Tie-In, Waste Planning, Foundations

Prefabricated Modules and Components

Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Mass Timber, Room Pods

Elevators & Circulation

Elevators, Hallways, Stairs

Building Envelope/

Vinyl, Panels, Wood, Stone, Brick, Composite, Custom

Shared Spaces

Kitchen, Common Areas, Treatment Rooms, Wellness Rooms, Gathering Areas, Lobby and Reception, Offices, Security


Wood-framed, Steel-framed, Mass Timber, Composite, Structural Insulated Panel


Flat, Mono-pitched, Peaked, Shed, Combination

Site Finishing

Landscaping, Auxiliary Buildings, Paving, Community Connections, Decks, Project Features

Group 1009

I can’t say enough about how seamlessly Nomodic navigated their way through a pandemic and managed to deliver quality housing for our community. Their process enabled our input into the final design which suited our aspirations for our housing needs. Several of their crew on the ground cherished our territory and hospitality, and vowed to return. We will welcome them, as it is our custom when we embrace new friendships.

Leo Lawson, Capital Manager, Heiltsuk First Nation

Just wanted to take a quick minute for a shout-out to Nomodic for the Kaybob dismantle on a job very well done. This was a big scope with a lot of potential risk to mitigate and Nomodic knocked it out of the park. Everyone worked safely, efficiently, and professionally. They made our job at Ovintiv/PCC a whole lot easier and they helped deliver results that we were more than proud to hand over at the end of the day.

Heather Fauteux, Project Manager, Ovintiv

The Nomodic staff are fantastic ambassadors and a true testament to the spirit of the organization. They are keen, smart, responsive and fun. At all times they were as passionate and interested in creating a beautiful lasting product as we were. A true delight to work with!

Cathryn Olmstead, Executive Director, Smithers Community Services Association

Deutscher Architecture has had the pleasure of collaborating with Nomodic's team on numerous projects over the last couple of years. Nomodic's desire to continually push the boundaries and quality of modular construction has provided both our companies with the opportunity to produce groundbreaking prefabricated buildings. The future of prefabricated buildings is exciting with Nomodic at the reign.

Jeremiah Deutscher, Deutscher Architecture

During the build process, any challenges we encountered were addressed promptly and thoroughly, suggesting that the Nomodic team doesn’t view obstacles as problems, but rather opportunities. The level of personalized service was unparalleled, and the entire team went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Our experience with Nomodic was overwhelmingly positive.

Erin and Jeff F.

[Nomodic] was responsive to our needs, and the end product is housing we can be proud to offer to our clients.

George Simpson, Director, Facilities, Raincity Housing and Support Society

It was wonderful to work with a team that believed in creating a good, sustainable housing model. Nomodic has exceeded all our expectations and Fraserside is extremely happy with the result.

Lynda Edmonds, CEO, Fraserside Community Services Society

In December 2019, Nomodic successfully completed a 25,000 sq.ft. supportive housing project in the City of Chilliwack under the BC Housing’s Rapid Response to Homelessness program. Our experience working with Nomodic was very positive throughout the entire project delivery process.  It is evident that the Nomodic team takes great pride in their work and provided exceptional customer service. We look forward to the opportunity to engage with them on future projects.

Naomi Brunemeyer, Director, Regional Development, BC Housing

What We Build

Custom prefabricated building solutions that bring your vision to life.