A Real-World Solution to the Skilled Labour Shortage

Blog | February 18, 2020

An unprecedented shortage of skilled labour is impacting the Canadian construction industry, and the statistics are alarming. As an estimated 261,000 construction workers are projected to retire by 2030, the construction industry needs to hire 300,000 new workers over the next decade to address demands.

A 2019 survey of contractors in Ontario found:

  • 70% said they had resorted to using less qualified labour
  • 57% said labour shortages caused significant delays in completing projects
  • 59% said the shortages led to significant increases in project costs

These statistics show that now, more than ever, there is a need for an experienced and trusted workforce to keep up with the demand in the construction industry.

As witnessed in Ontario, labour shortages can result in schedule delays and cost overruns. These shortages create a ripple effect within the industry. Contractors are forced to hire inexperienced workers, which can create safety concerns, and negatively affect project schedules and budgets. Additionally, the migration of labour to regions experiencing construction booms has made it nearly impossible to fill local positions, creating even more project uncertainty.

Nomodic reduces these risks by relying on a consistent, highly skilled workforce that remains relatively immune to market fluctuations.

We maintain a trusted network of offsite fabrication facilities, which reduces the amount of labour needed onsite. We are committed to hiring local crews for supplementary labour and ensuring qualified local tradespeople meet the stringent requirements of the job. Nomodic recognizes the importance of how these crews contribute back to their local economy.

Every construction project is unique and requires a tailored plan to optimize time and cost certainty.  Here are some recent examples of how Nomodic was able to find effective labour solutions:

• Chilliwack, B.C. | Multifamily Low-Rise Housing Complex

Nomodic self-performed most of the siding on this three-storey structure because local construction crews were largely committed to other projects. We were able to avoid paying inflated rates by relying on our trusted network of professionals. When we recruited local talent, we took several factors into consideration, including experience and project costs.

• Chetwynd, B.C. | 900-Bed Camp Facility for the Coastal GasLink LNG Pipeline Project

Nomodic experienced a depleted local labour pool due to the 670km Coastal GasLink LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) pipeline project that attracted crews from across Western Canada. Through our rigorous screening standards, we were still able to hire qualified local labour, including members of a local Indigenous community. 

• Smithers, B.C. | Supportive Housing Complex

Nomodic managed local tradespeople from our trusted network, and self-performed specialized modular scope to build a 24-unit affordable housing complex called Goodacre Place. Our team used local rental accommodations to reduce costs, a savings that was passed along to the client. For more about Goodacre Place, read here.

At Nomodic, our goal is to maximize offsite work while ensuring the same high standards from onsite preparation through to installation. We believe that affordable and efficient construction is an essential contribution to the health and forward momentum of our communities. If you’d like to learn more about how Nomodic’s unique process can benefit your project, click here or subscribe to our mailing list below.

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