Innovative construction solutions
from concept to completion

From affordable and Indigenous housing construction to hotels, multifamily residential, and more.

Nomodic delivers project continuity and greater construction certainty through an integrative
approach to design-build. We create experiences that change the way people live, work, and explore.

Building Without Boundaries

An industry-leading, design-build-install process that reinvents the way you imagine construction. Nomodic takes a unique hybrid approach, using the best of pre-built and traditional craftsmanship without the boundaries of being restricted by a single construction method or framing material.

Design Focused

We put creativity and unique design first, selecting the most suitable technology, materials, construction methods, and manufacturers to create the best solution for your project and your vision.

Your Time Matters

Nobody needs to tell you the value of time. Whether you're waiting to open your doors to guests or new tenants, provide housing for those in need, or give workers a home away from home, additional time spent designing and building is time lost. We give it back. Our hybrid approach allows us to complete your build 30 – 50% faster, on average, than conventional construction. Combined with cost and schedule certainty, that means your vision is delivered earlier and as promised.

The Benefits of Traditional Craftsmanship

We don't build boxes - we create your vision. By blending traditional craftsmanship and warm natural materials into cutting edge innovation, our expert team of designers, manufacturers, and constructors bring quality crafted spaces to life, in a way that is efficient and cost-effective with the highest degree of quality control.

End to End or à la Carte

Our unique process offers the ultimate flexibility to include selected partners at any stage from design to the finished product. We design, build, and install as part of our seamless end-to-end process, and maintain the flexibility and specialization to support or engage in your project at any stage in between.


Integrated and fully customizable design-build-install solutions that provide peace of mind and continuity through every phase of your project.

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Superior precision and quality control, cost and schedule certainty, faster occupancy, and more. That’s the Nomodic advantage.

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A team with decades of experience in both pre-built construction and traditional craftsmanship – with a no-boundaries mindset.

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Spaces for living, working, and lodging designed to change the way you think about construction.

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Affordable housing needs a solution that involves quick reaction time and cost certainty


Nomodic Careers

Are you the kind of person that likes to be at the forefront of innovation? Do
you like to share a vision and take pride in details and results, with a focus on
leaving things better? Sounds like you might be a great fit for our team.