Why Modular?

Our buildings are manufactured in an environmentally-controlled facility and then shipped and assembled onsite. Delivered 85-90% complete (with minimal onsite finishing work completed in the days following), Nomodic’s modular buildings exceed conventional construction in build quality, while also having the following added benefits:

  • Less time to completion, faster occupancy = reduced financing costs
  • Increased production, efficiency, and quality control
    • First pick of top skilled labour
    • Lower labour costs
    • Better inventory, tools, and equipment management
  • Less construction waste
  • Minimized delays and damages caused by inclement weather
  • And perhaps the most important advantage: significantly less disruption to the community in the forms of reduced road/sidewalk closures, construction noise, and vehicle/equipment traffic due to our modern offsite fabrication processes.

In addition, our buildings use advanced materials and methods of construction to improve soundproofing and reduce thermal transmission (for warmer winters and cooler summers).

If you are looking for a sustainable, high-quality housing solution for your workforce, your home, or your recreation property, contact Nomodic first. We will work with your timelines and budget to build your vision.