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A new standard in offsite construction.

Nomodic builds custom-designed modular structures for both comfort and functionality. We prefabricate our buildings in a state-of-the-art facility, allowing for the highest quality, seamless process, weather-proof build, quick execution, and minimal disruption to the destination site.

Whether your vision supports your business or your life – we can build it with the help of industry-leading partners across North America.

A seamless design-build development process.

Our turnkey, design-build approach provides all phases of delivery construction, from concept to final completion. 

We start by working with you to explore site opportunities and oversee the development and permit application submissions, ensuring all are in line with your proposed budget, scope, and schedule. Nomodic conducts regular meetings with all key stakeholders to develop design and evaluation criteria, review project progress, and provide updates to upcoming milestones.

We understand that projects are not built in a vacuum, which is why we work closely with the community and consult them on the overall plan and get their feedback to better align your goals with that of the community.

We oversee the development and permit application submissions through to approval, ensuring all are in line with the proposed budget, scope, and schedule. By incorporating any key changes and revisions, we maximize the social, economic, and environmental potential of any given space. 

Our team manages and oversees throughout the building phase, using a modernized process to help build projects more efficiently, more quickly, and more sustainably than traditional methods of the past. 

In the end, we make it possible to implement a variety of construction methods to find the best solution for your unique project, while you get the confidence and peace of mind you deserve, from start to finish.



To maximize and align community values with returns for clients and partners by providing the most sustainable and livable buildings imaginable. Our buildings are custom-designed and crafted for both comfort and functionality, delivered faster, safer, and with superior reliability.


To help people and communities build futures, sustainably and holistically.


Integrity – We value honesty and uphold ourselves to consistent moral and ethical standards.

Collaboration – We are committed to a culture of transparency and teamwork.

Innovation – We continually strive to develop more sustainable and efficient solutions for our clients.


Why Modular?

Our buildings are manufactured in an environmentally-controlled facility and then shipped and assembled onsite. Delivered 85-90% complete (with minimal onsite finishing work completed in the days following), Nomodic’s modular buildings exceed conventional construction in build quality, while also having the following added benefits:

  • Less time to completion, faster occupancy = reduced financing costs
  • Increased production, efficiency, and quality control
    • First pick of top skilled labour
    • Lower labour costs
    • Better inventory, tools, and equipment management
  • Less construction waste
  • Minimized delays and damages caused by inclement weather
  • And perhaps the most important advantage: significantly less disruption to the community in the forms of reduced road/sidewalk closures, construction noise, and vehicle/equipment traffic due to our modern offsite fabrication processes.

In addition, our buildings use advanced materials and methods of construction to improve soundproofing and reduce thermal transmission (for warmer winters and cooler summers).

If you are looking for a sustainable, high-quality housing solution for your workforce, your home, or your recreation property, contact Nomodic first. We will work with your timelines and budget to build your vision. 



At Nomodic, we believe we have a responsibility to the people and the communities in which we live and work. That is why we maintain Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) as a core value for all employees and a key element of our corporate culture.

Establishing and incorporating HSE responsibility and accountability is a priority within our organization, and creates value for our customers. Just as customers rely on us to make the most efficient use of their assets, they also depend on us to help meet their objectives of worker safety, environmental protection, and financial performance.

This vision is embodied in Nomodic’s Behavior-Based Observation Program, which empowers our employees, customers, and contractors to display the courage to care and make safety-conscious decisions based on personal values.

For Nomodic, safety is more than policies, procedures, or rules. It is part of our culture: all day, every day.


Construction Services

Nomodic Construction Services is a truly independent and specialized modular construction team, comprised of professionals with a combined 50 years experience in industrial construction management and industry-related modular construction.

We offer a flexible, scalable approach and execute projects of varying types safely, efficiently, and cost effectively, including (but not limited to):

•  Site development

•  Permanent utilities

•  Structural foundations

In addition, we provide clients with high visibility to projects with advanced project controls and systems:

•  Advanced cost control

•  Scheduling

•  Forecasting

For more about how our Construction Services team can help with your next project, please contact us.


The Nomodic Promise

Our modular process offers unique advantages that guide our business. We commit to constantly innovating and striving to offer the most sustainable and efficient building solutions. We commit to a culture of collaboration and transparency, working with our partners and clients every step of the way. We commit to honest practices and moral ethics.

When you work with Nomodic you can trust that you will be provided a finished product that is better than you imagined, on time and on budget with the highest level of quality.  

The final product was beyond our expectation and above industry standard. The reason that Canbriam will preferentially continue to use Nomodic is based on their commitment to go above and beyond industry standards and produce high quality camp accommodations at very reasonable pricing.
— Dave Knight, Manager Facilities Projects, Canbriam Energy Inc.

Our newest completed project:
Custom Cabin in Windermere, B.C.

We'd be honoured to help bring your dream home or project to life.


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